Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Too Little Quilting

There is a saying..."It isn't a quilt until it's quilted". Too little quilting often lowers the value of your quilt. Very often a collective sigh can be heard throughout the Quilt Barn during registration...a beautiful quilt and too little quilting leaving large open spaces. Very often, those spaces are "pouffie" and take away from the beauty, ruining the chances of that quilt being judged into the top 24 winners. Those open spaces would be so pretty with the texture of quilt stitches. Wouldn't it be nice to hear a resounding "aaaaahhhhhhhh"?

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  1. I am a native Pennsylvanian now living in Virginia. We have just moved here and I want to bring some of my PA heritage to VA and will be coming to the Festival this summer to buy a quilt for our guest room to achieve this. Any details on prices I could expect to pay for a queen size quilt? Also, are shams made to accompany these quilts? Any answers would be so helpful! Thank you!